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TGS '08: Square-Enix

Now that TGS 2008 has ended, I'll begin posting all the new details sprung in it. I'll begin with my personal favorite, Square-Enix.

Note: I'll copy-paste this from Joystiq, since I've obviously not been to TGS this year.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded

System: Mobile

The first two trailers involved Kingdom Hearts: Coded and Kingdom Hearts_Avatar both of which are mobile phone titles and will probably never leave Japan. Avatar seems to be a mini-game collection with unlockable KH music, vids and wallpapers for mobile phones. There's customizable doll-like characters which can be made to look like KH and Final Fantasy characters. It seems like a total fan service title.

As for Coded, the video showed mostly Sora in a mix of classic KH gameplay. There were also spots of puzzle-based mini-games; one such mini-game had Sora pushing crates around a small room to create a certain pattern. We also see Donald and Goofy around in Coded; however it doesn't look like they are playable this time around.

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

System: DS

The Kingdom Hearts: 358 Days video showed a lot of cut scenes featuring more familiar faces such as Roxas, Axel and Ansem. There seems to be a strong focus on a new, black-haired female Organization XIII member. Roxas is the star of this game, but it looks like she will play a central role in the story's development.

Since this game takes place during the time when Roxas was an Org XIII member and before KH2, all Org members are alive and well and will make appearances in the game (as their appearances in the trailer suggests). They might all even be playable, though we didn't see all of them in the in-game footage. We did see Marluxia, Axel, Vexen and Xal

din as characters that can be used in the game. Speaking of which, most of that in-game footage that was shown off was of the 4-player co-op. It's this mode that will enable gamers to control Axel and company for the very first time.

The title doesn't look visually as great as the PSP KH game, but the co-op mode which lets you play as fan-favorite Org members looks promisingly fun. The game is set for a February 2009 release in Japan.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

System: PSP

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep takes us to a very different kind of KH game as it doesn't contain any Final Fantasy characters nor does it feature any of the original KH cast. The game focuses on three new characters (Ventus, Tera and Aqua) and is a prequel to KH set in Disney-only worlds. Out of the four KH games shown, this one was the most beautiful looking, and at the same time resembles the original games the most in terms of gameplay and overall design.

The trailer showed off the purple-haired girl, Aqua, in battle for the first time. She uses a spinning attack as her special ability -- she sort of mimics a tornado as she spins around the battlefield. There is in-game battle footage on Tera and Ventus (Roxas' look-a-like pictured above); both of which come from the playable build available at TGS 08. Tera is seen fighting hordes of enemies similar to the numbers found on screen in the regular console versions. There doesn't seem to be a downsizing in that respect. Tera also goes off to fight a large Spindle creature which is based-off the Sleeping Beauty world he's currently in. Ventus is seen fighting the cat from Cinderella in a boss fight -- he'll have to take him out using several timed input events by tapping the triangle button (same system as first introduced in KH2).

Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday

System: PSP

It starts off with a Parasite Eve montage looking back at the first two games. It's a nostalgic feeling hearing the piano solo theme after nearly a decade. The trailer then cuts to a CG scene on a snowy city street. Aya is huddled on the side of the street holding a revolver; she's tired and covered in dirt for some reason -- she appears to be running from something. Some sort of portal opens up in the middle of the street and a multi-legged monster twice Aya's size comes out of it. Aya aims and shoot her gun at the creature.

There is in-game footage for the first time as well; only cut scenes though. The graphics are on par with Crisis Core. A male scientist character with long white hair is revealed and so is a long-haired guy who could be the antagonist. The game is being co-developed by Hexadrive says the end of the trailer. There's no further details or mention of why Aya was in a bride's gown in last year's debut trailer.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

System: PSP

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a fighting game with an ensemble cast from the first ten Final Fantasy games. It's a classic light versus darkness story pitting the two forces of Chaos (FF villains) and Cosmos (FF heroes) against each other. One hero and one villain from each title will be playable in the game.

The trailer goes through gratuitous, fan service shots of each character, though the most important ones were the in-game models of fan-favorites Terra and Cloud. Their inclusion finally completes the game's roster as all other characters have been revealed previously.

Both characters were shown in in-game battles fighting off against their respective nemesis: Kefka and Sephiroth. Terra commands magic-based attacks and can carry out her Morph ability. Cloud retains his original outfit and not the Advent Children costume.

The rest of the trailer is CG cut scenes showing off the other characters fighting one another. These include other favorites like Squall, Zidane, Tidus, etc. The pre-rendered stuff looks great as always, but the in-game action looks even better. Battles look swift and intense; there's always something going on. The game is out in Japan on December 18, 2008.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete

System: Blu-ray

Another trailer for the Blu-ray film due out for Japan in March 2009 appeared in the Closed Theater. It was a showing of about five minutes of the all-new footage for the HD release.

New scenes shown mostly depicted Denzel, Kadaj, and a fight sequence between Cloud and Sephiroth (pictured). The trailer actually started off with a new Cloud flashback where he's seeing Zack on their trip back to Midgar. Cloud and Sephiroth's battle extends with high-impact clashes. There seems to be a lot more footage on the children of Midgar as well which will probably help flesh out their story better than the original film did. The new scenes with Kadaj on his bike and another where he's chatting with Rufus, might point out that a strong focus on developing his character and story has been taken care of (as it was rather lacking in the original film).

Seeing the new version up on the big screen looked amazing. The upgrade to HD and Blu-ray really brings out the detail in the CG work. The trailer ends reminding us that the film will be bundled together with a demo for Final Fantasy XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII

System: PS3

Joystiq already given a full report and impressions on this segment. You can check out the full article here.

Final Fantasy XIII Agito

System: PSP

The Agito trailer was quite impressive. We see the in-game battle system for the first time. The HUD looks very similar to Crisis Core. In fact, it looks like it plays the same way too, but only with the difference of it being multiplayer oriented.

The beginning of the trailer was going over the back story / history of the war that stars the Agito story. Airships are seen flying towards an island nation and then bomb it to kingdom come. A purple crystal inside the bombed island city shatters. We see warriors rise from the ruins to defend the city (the 12 students seen in artwork previously). As they brandish their weapons and are about to attack the invading soldiers, the trailer then cuts to the gameplay footage mentioned in the first paragraph.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

System: PS3

Joystiq also has already given a full report and impressions on this segment. Check out the full article here.


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