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Changes to PlayStation®Network Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. This is the title of the email I received today 15 hours ago. This email clearly states the changes to the PlayStation Network. Here's the email body:

Dear PlayStation®Network user

When you registered for PlayStation®Network, you accepted our Terms of Service and User Agreement and our Privacy Policy. The Terms of Service and User Agreement contains important provisions about your activity in PlayStation®Network and your purchases from PlayStation®Store. The Privacy Policy explains what personal data we collect from you and how we use it.

We have recently made some changes to the Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy to improve them and to reflect updates to the services available on PlayStation®Network.

These changes include:

> Information about your PlayStation®Network Online ID

> More details about the information we collect via PlayStation®Network and who we share that information with.

> Information about how we may monitor your activity in PlayStation®Network

> Our rights in user created content uploaded via PlayStation®Network

We encourage you to review our updated Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy at http://eu.playstationmail.com/Key=9261.tGW.j.V.Ctx991. If you have access to the PlayStation®Store, you can also view them via the links at the foot of every page of the PlayStation®Store.

The revised Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy will apply to all future use of PlayStation®Network by you and your Sub Accounts.

Thank you,

PlayStation Network Europe Limited
I don't know what the changes are, but you I thought to post this anyways.


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