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LittleBigPlanet Reviewed

Since its release, LittleBigPlanet had been reviewed by several sites. Since I don't own the game, nor will I in the near future (lack of money), I can't post my review here. I'll update this post when I do review it myself.

Metarecritic's score is based on 16 reviews (96/100). Other reviews below:

  • PlayStation Official Magazine UK (100/100):
    "There simply isn't anything else like LBP on any system, anywhere. It's a beautifully elegant and powerful creative tool that puts unlimited potential in the palm of your hand."
  • Maxi Consolas (Portugal) (100/100):
    "LBP is a unique game. It disguises itself as a 2D platform game but surprises the players with a set of editing tools and level sharing absolutely amazing. With a distinctive style and an everlasting future potential, we can say that Sackboy already conquered this industry. [Oct 2008]"
  • Gameplayer (100/100):
    "LittleBigPlanet is like a magic trick, and in that respect it feels less like a video game than an incredible concept executed perfectly. LittleBigPlanet is like LEGO (the blocks, not the game), it’s like Monopoly, it’s timeless... it’s lightning in a bottle – and if Sony play their cards right it could well save the PS3, and propel the console into the stratosphere."
  • Total Video Games (100/100):
    "Undoubtedly one of the finest games in recent years, LittleBigPlanet deserves every single shred of a 10. You won't find a more polished or rewarding videogame this year, and for quite some time we'd imagine."
  • GamePro (100/100):
    "There's really nothing I can say other than this: if you own a PS3 and you don't buy LittleBigPlanet, you are robbing yourself of one of the most unique gaming experiences ever designed."
  • CVG (96/100):
    "You'll look for inspiration for levels, mechanical dilemmas or puzzles in every corner of your life. And in your sleep. It will take over your conversations with fellow players. You will become obsessed. You have been warned."
  • IGN (95/100):
    "Media Molecule has created a brilliant platformer, and then given you the tools to recreate the whole thing over again, or better yet, to create your own ideas from scratch. It's not perfect - the controls could be tighter, automatically shifting between planes can be problematic, the editor isn't quite as robust as you might hope - but what's there is nothing short of astounding."
  • Eurogamer (90/100):
    "The promise that anyone could create something simple and fun and personal with LittleBigPlanet hasn't come true. In a way, it's the opposite of Spore, which makes it easy and fun for every single player to have creative input, but doesn't let any of them change the fabric of the game. LittleBigPlanet lets them run wild, with unprecedented results, but it locks the majority out of the creative process, because it's time-consuming and simply not very enjoyable."

With a score like this, it's really a no-brainer when it comes to purchasing this game! But be forewarned, every X360-moron (not saying all X360 are!) will flood the forums crying for a port of the game to that lousy sorry-excuse of a console!
Well, I only say that because I hate blackmailers and lazy-stealing-asses! Yeah, you know I'm talking about M$! They produce lousy consoles (everything-wise) and steal other platforms successful franchises rather than making their own! Also, whenever a console (specifically, the PS3) makes a good feature or addition to their console, M$ steals the idea and implement it in their system. NXE = ripoff Home! Rumors of adaptation of Blu-ray Drives to the X360 = Already implemented PS3's Blu-ray Drives. Also, cheap HDDs = rivaling PS3's mandatory HDDs!

I'll bash M$ when the time warrents it, but now it's all about LittleBigPlanet! :)


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