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Microsoft Sued Over Xbox 360

California , Microsoft sued over Xbox 360 hardware failures.

The outbreak from the "red rings of death" seems to still haunt Microsoft. Now they're facing a class action lawsuit in California.

1up (via Kotaku (via Daily Games News)) is reporting that the lawsuit was filed under California's consumer protection statutes, and alleges that Microsoft knew that the system would suffer a 50 percent failure rate, but concealed the knowledge to compete with the Nintendo Wii and the PlayStation 3. The suit cites articles from sources such as VentureBeat and Yahoo! to support its claims.

If Microsoft loses the suit, they will potentially have to implement a refund program in California as well as surrender profits relating to Xbox 360 sales.
I say this serves them justice! All they do is serve us some crappy software and hardware and expects us to say nothing! You go, California! If Microsoft didn't get back in shape, they will surely will face heavy losses!


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