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PlayStation 4

Hmm, it seems like Sony has plans set for PS4 already, and the recent shift in Sony's management is of no relevance to the PS making plans.
According to Holman, it's too soon to be speaking of the PS4, since game developers are just discovering that the PS3 has

"more processing headroom than they initially anticipated and that this was resulting in the development of new gaming capabilities."
Holman clarifies that Sony is indeed planning to launch a PS4, but no sooner than 2010.

Hear that Sony fans? "No sooner" is the key word here! It doesn't mean it'll be released on 2010, but rather after that.

So the early minor setback Sony's had with PS3 system is not thwarting Sony from delivering high-quality entertainment!

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Apparently, the release of PS3 FW 2.40 yesterday seems to have caused hardware problems for those who updated to the new release, as reported by Kotaku earlier.

Now, Sony pulled the update back and reverted to FW 2.36! It seems this is to prevent any more problems for the users!

I, and other gamers as well, remain unaffected by the newest update problems. Seems like you need to format your HDD in order to get your PS3 going again!

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All our dreams may actually come true! Errm, maybe not all of them... Have you ever wished upon a shooting star for a remake (or port is more accurate) for the ever popular Chrono Trigger? Well, that wasn't a shooting star 'cause certainly your wish is coming true, probably!

A new page on Square Enix's Japanese website suggests that the company is planning to port its highly popular SNES (and later PS) RPG Chrono Trigger to the Nintendo DS. Director Takashi Tokita had previously suggested a DS remake of the game was feasible, assuming

"demand is great enough." -I'd say, pfft-
A winter 2008 release was suggested for the Japanese edition, though not so much for other editons.


Even though there was no confirmation at this point, there pretty much will be. Don't forget the overseas huge database of fans!

I gotta say this game was very special to me (isn't it for all of us ;) ), so another "remake" would do nothing less than make me happy. But, C'mon! DS ?! What about the PSP? I know you get the original PS version and play it, but that's nothing like remaking it for a specific console.

Blizzard's New MMO

Blizzard has confirmed that it has another MMO in the works.

"There is still one unknown project,"
Blizzard executive VP Rob Pardo revealed to OnlineWelten during the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational.
"We have another development team."
The company had previously stated that the project was not a World of Warcraft expansion nor Diablo III.
"The idea of a new franchise is very intriguing to employees of the company,"
said Blizzard chief operating officer Paul Sams to Gamasutra in a recent interview.
"Are we ever going to release a new one? I would absolutely say we will at some point. I just don't know when that day will be quite yet."
I think we could safely assume that this new MMO will actually be a new game. I guess it's time Blizzard started trying a new, yet could be a blockbuster, MMORPG!

I just found out about this new MMOARPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game) that's called Dragon Nest. Of course I'm assuming it's MMORPG, but I could be wrong.

The development team based in Korea called Eyedentity has revealed its existence and announced their first fantasy MMO. The dev team consists of former members of NCsoft, Webzen, Gravity and other Korean based publishers and are creating Dragon Nest using their own graphics engine.

The press release announcing the game suggests it will have some Diablo elements such as random generating dungeons and random spawning monsters. Dragon Nest is due to be beta tested in Korea in late 2008 with a worldwide release (including North America) in 2009.

The footage above suggests that this MMO will be action. At first glance, it resembled a cross between Dawn of Mana / Zelda. The graphics aren't that well done, but they're cartoonish which makes it acceptable.

I'm sure interested and will be following the news on this one. Could it be that we're gazing upon the new era of MMORPGs ?! Only time and developers will tell :)

So here's the second part of the PS3 FW 2.40 walkthrough by Sony. In this part, you can see the trophy system in action. Trophy system refers to a system where you get rewarded for your achievments in-game. You could also compare your unlocked trophies online with your friends.

This system resembles that of the X360's. But it's a good step of advancement from Sony's part. I hope we get more and more and very soon, too!

I think this shatters all hopes of any implementation of HOME in this update, but don't give up!

*Update: Sony released a short list of trophy supported titles:

  • BUZZ! Quiz TV
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • MotorStorm Pacific Rift
  • NBA 09
  • PixelJunk Eden
  • Resistance 2
  • SOCOM: Confrontation
  • PAIN
  • Super Stardust HD
  • Warhawk
Last three games require an update (patch) and that you play again to unlock trophies.
Also a date has been set for the 2.40 update and that is July 2nd!

As it may has come as a shock to you (and me as well), there's no MGS4 support as of yet! Hope to hear soon from Kojima-san!

This is the second trailer from Square Enix's fighting game, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The trailer shows the newly revealed character, Tidus from FFX, in action along some old mentioned ones. I gotta say, the fighting in this game seems kind of good! I actually have high expectations of it. What struck me most is they've finally given voice to characters from older Final Fantasies (earlier than FFX), now we get to hear Zidane, Squall (although he was voiced before in Kingdom Hearts I & II), Edea and even Kuja!

The battle scene where Squall is the one fighting Sephiroth, not Cloud, is actually quite interesting! It actually could put a little relief on the whole "Who's stronger? Cloud or Squall" debate! But not entirely, though.

PS: In one scene, Squall says something to the hero in FFII. I guess it was "We're fighting to protect the crystal/s".

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (or SCEE for short) announced that the DualShock 3 for Europe. The vibration function controller goes on sale in Europe from July 2nd. 

We are delighted to confirm that DUALSHOCK 3 will be released in SCEE territories in early July. We hope this will add to the intense gaming experience for our fans, as we continue to evolve PS3, its software and its peripherals.

Says SCEE's David Reeves. The only downside is the rumored retail price at a whooping €50-55 which is the equivalent of $117! Also, couldn't they wait longer? I mean MGS4 is already out, so what do we need this for? Man, sometime Sony just do unneeded stuff!

So Sony finally officially announced PS3 FW 2.40 details! Here's a piece of the news:

"Here's the short list of what you can now do without exiting from games:
  • In-game XMB (a quick tap of the PS button brings it up)
  • View game-specific trophies (We'll have more on this major feature at 8AM EST / 5AM PST)
  • Time / date display
  • Send text messages to PSN users on your friends list
  • Access accessory settings, such as Bluetooth pairing and voice changer
  • View and manage downloads
  • Quits game directly from an icon under the "Game" section of the XMB
  • Search the web using the Google Search option under "Network" (similar to the latest PSP firmware)
  • Launch directly into another game from the one you're currently playing
  • Play music tracks stored on the HDD in games that support this feature
  • Access a new on-screen music player interface (when listening to your own tracks in supported titles)"
That's a quote from Joystiq.
Hmm, Sony sure is competing with Microsoft's X360 XBL! Now, the XMB has almost the same things the XBL has!

I didn't like how the PS3 actually navigates to the XMB when you try to play another game from within a game. I liked, however, how you can actually play a soundtrack from within a game! That's surely to come in handy! Oh, but let's not forget how you can chat with your friends while playing a game as opposed to being all lonely once you start playing a game :)

When HOME comes out for the PS3, that will be the killer touch! I can't wait to see HOME at action! Sony's all about content, yeah baby!

Oh, at Joystiq's article, they have posted a video featuring the new FW 2.40! Be sure to check it out!

Sony's Kaz Hirai accounced earlier PS3's new non game initiative, "Life with PlayStation". This came as a part of Sony's intent to make PS3 more than just a gaming console but rather a whole entertainment system.

The new features, as uninteresting as they may be, are applications that tell weather and news. That, of course, aside from the previously announced video download service.

“For the primary version the application sticks to the present time but in the future we plan to build a system that can visually present stored photos and movies according to their recorded time and place, allowing users with their friends and family to enjoy the visuals in chronological order,” said Hirai showing more to expect from "Life with PlayStation".

"In a posting on his IMDB page, Hayter urged the fans to email Matt Tolmach at Sony Pictures and convince him that they want Hayter to write the screenplay. This may be our only chance to make sure the Metal Gear Solid movie has any chance of actually being good. The email address is matt_tolmach@spe.sony.com"
Please everyone, email this dude if you value MGS! I know I will right after I finish posting this. Considering David Hayter is the screenplay writer for X-men movies (the first and the second and not the third, in case you're wondering why it sucked), I'd say our shots of getting a decent MGS movie is here, at our own grasp just waiting for our love to radiate through the darkness in order to bring the MGS luster unto this miserable world and... Umm, I might've gotten a little carried away back there but can you blame me?

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