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Tenchu 4

From Software announced a fourth installment in the assassination stealth action ninja game. Tenchu 4 is set one year after the third, and the story will span 3 games. Tenchu 4, 5 and 6 will all come to the Wii. The game will be developed by Acquire.

Trailer : Standard Version
Trailer : Standard Version

The game is set for release on October 23, 2008.

Gametrailers.com recently had an interview with Sega about their upcoming gory adventure game. In this trailer, they talked about their choice of M rating material. They also mentioned some aspects of the battle system, e.g. the localized slicing mechanism. In this particular system, you could slice someone in a specific spot and watch them get sliced exactly in that specific spot! You also get to ride beasts in this game (hence the title) and they range from small to very large T-Rex-like beasts.

The game is still in development and is set for release next Fall! The game is set for release on both the PS3 and X360

I think this is the first trailer for Square Enix's DS horror game, but I might be wrong. Anyhow, I was holding very high expectations for this game, but it had to turn me down! Yeah, I never thought it would be in old school RPG style! Yeah, like FF1, FF2 and the likes! Man, is the DS that lame? Anyways, if you're interested in this game or just wanna see for yourself then by all means go to this link:

Trailer : Standard Version

I'm really disappointed in this game :(

Update: I think I've misunderstood the trailer. When I watched the trailer till the end, it had real impressive graphics and optimization for the DS stylus. If the game is anything like the last couple of scenes, then I think DS users may be in for a treat! Keep posted.

Tecmo's famous horror adventure game Fatal Frame (or Zero for our Japanese friends) has yet another installment. Tecmo's new Fatal Frame game is set for release on the Wii system. Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is the US version name.

The story is about 5 teenage girls who have been kidnapped to the eclipse island. In the only mansion on the island, you will encounter many evil spirits, your only weapon is the camera flashlight, which can be controlled with the Wii Remote.

The game seems interesting, but it's a shame it's only on the Wii :( I kinda liked the series and wished I could follow every installment, but Tecmo isn't so obeying :P

Here are some pictures:

I saw these new pics of RE5 and I thought I'd share them anyways. RE5 is confirmed for release at the end of Capcom's fiscal year, which is around the end of '08 to the beginning of '09. The battle system is confirmed to be that of RE4. The setting is set in Africa and said to be after the events of RE: Code Veronica, which Chris is trying to find the origin of the virus that spread out in RE: Code Veronica. Capcom stated, after releasing a work-in-progress demo, that the game is 60% complete. This game looks like it could keeps entertained like every other RE game.

Folks, the first trailer ever for this yet interesting game of Sega's is here! This is a must see!

Trailer : Standard Version High-Definition Version

I'm quite interested in this game, and for a change Sega might actually pull it off. Only time would tell now!

A new trailer was released earlier for this action-adventure game! The new trailer doesn't bring much to the table about RE5, just the wild idea of fighting seemingly endless enemies!

This game sure is interesting. I just hope they'd release it sooner rather than later.

I just found out that Ubisoft will be making a new Prince of Persia game! It's however not connected to the past trilogy, just another PoP game!

Trailer : Standard Version High-Definition Version
Interview Part1:
Standard Version High-Definition Version
Interview Part2: Standard Version High-Definition Version

I just love this new things they'd be bringing to the game. I specially loved the part where they referred to Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie scenes!

It seems somehow that the female support character will play a good part in your battles in this game. Also the battle system seems more interactive than ever.

I'm interesting in knowing what you think of this!

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