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Recently, it was announced that PSP's new firmware would be released the same day as the PS3's. As to what new features it will have, PSP store would be the most important. Now, you can access PSP store, ala PS3 store, and download games there.

It was also announced that future PSP releases could all be downloadables rather than UMDs. Sony announced that two of its upcoming games would be downloadables, LocoRoco 2 and Patapon 2.

Square Enix seems to join the ranks as it'll offer its upcoming fight 'em up RPG-style game, Dissida: Final Fantasy. It's unknown if the downloadable version (as it will also be in UMD form) will have a price discount. But for all of you importers out there, the importing part is made easier provided you have a Japanese PS account.

The game will be released on December 18 in Japan.


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