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A preview made by Matt Leone, at 1up.com, discusses new improvements to the new installment in the GoW series. New features include, running on walls, grabbing enemies and slam them, riding Cyclops and Harpies and new weapons!

Also big battles where as much as 50 enemies can come at you at once. Here are some excerpts from the preview:

This is about as specific as Asmussen will get about the game's story: "There is going to be a truth revealed at the end of this game that I believe is going to be profound and relevant for everybody who plays the game, and it will give you the true meaning of 'And in the end, there will only be chaos.'"

And regarding the finality of the series,

Not that there was really much doubt, but for those concerned that recent press release statements indicated that God of War 3 would be the final game in the series -- rather than the end of this initial three-part story -- Asmussen says, "I don't know about the future of God of War," leaving the door wide open for the series to continue in different ways down the line.

Because of how much the visuals have improved since the PS2 games, the developers are planning to skip CG cut-scenes and use their in-game character models and environments for all story sequences this time around.

Read the full preview here.

Eidos Merger?

Recently, talks with Tomb Raider publisher, Eidos, began to surface on the web. The identity of the proposing side wasn't revealed, that is until now. It's none other than RPG giant, Square Enix!

After failing to merge with Dynasty Warriors's publisher, Koe, Square Enix seems to not falter one bit in their quest to appeal to Western gamers! Eidos laid off alot of their employees after Tomb Raider: Underworld failed to reached its quota. Eidos seems to be positive about the merger, though.

We'll just have to wait and see about this! I didn't really expect this to happen! It seems to me that the two companies work in different areas in the gaming industry, I don't know how this will work out :S

New Blog!

I'm happy to say that I made a new blog! Well, it's actually old, but I renovated it a little ^_^. I hope you all can continue to read ;)

My new blog!

On Square Enix

Square Enix revealed new info on Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 and Xbox 360:

  • The company wants to build the game as unbiased to any specific market as possible
  • Currently only the PS3 version is in development. The Xbox 360 version will begin as soon as the PS3 version is completed
  • The game will run on one Blu-ray disc
  • The Xbox 360 version is not a betrayal to PS3 fans because the PS3 version is not stopped or moved
  • Right now the game is designed specifically for PS3, the team will worry about how to optimize the game on 360 when it's done
  • Scenario of the game is finished, the "Art assets" are 80% completed
  • All the FFXIII games have different directors, but they are all based on the Crystal Mythology and expressed in different ways
  • The game is more futuristic, it is somewhere between FFX's fantasy environment and FFVII's high-tech setting
  • The final product will have a lot more variety of opponents and monsters. There will be more human type opponent in cities, while more beasts & organic type opponents out of town
  • The company is monitoring feedback from each trailer on the Internet, and see reactions to new trailer and images. If something receives positive or negative feedbacks they will adjust the game accordingly.
Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time will be coming to Wii and NDS in North America in winter 2009.

Here are some new images of Square Enix's NDS RPG Dragon Quest IX, when you are in the town or field, if there is something you should investigate, an exclamation sign will appear near it

In Dissidia: Final Fantasy, there is a virtual player option, when you played the game with other players over Wi-Fi connection, the data and play style of each player will be saved. The CPU can simulate the online players even they are not connected. You can store up to 16 virtual players in the game.

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