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In a recent issue of Famitsu, new information was revealed about the Final Fantasy XIII demo. The demo, which ships with the movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete, will be playable preview that will last about 2 hours. The demo will apparently cover the very beginning of the game.

Cinema 2.0, is the name of the new effort by AMD to bring photo-realistic graphics that match those found in real life Hollywood movies!

What might not come as a surprise is the need of new hardware, but that's not it! A trick is involved, (quote from the site I read the news at)

There's another trick: a globe-shaped room that feature rapid high-definition photography from all angles. These cameras can capture surface detail to a level that surpasses human touch. These cameras operate so quickly that to the naked eye, they appear as solid lights, when in fact they are flashing on and off at fractions of a second. The information captured by these cameras can then be interpreted into 3D data.
I guess some pictures are in order? Well, here you are:

Yeah, the 2 women in the pictures are actually 3d CG real-time-rendered renders of AMD's Cinema 2.0! I couldn't believe it at first, but yeah it seems playing with real-life looking models is coming to a near future. AMD suggested some sci-fi applications for its new technology, such as Star Trek's Holodeck! But we'll have to wait and see...

To read the whole post, follow this link (I recommend you read the post!)

Home Restrictions

Sony has done it! With its new announcement about Home region restriction. Sony has made Home access restricted to PS3 native region. Which means, if you have a US PS3, you'll be stuck with US Home citizens for the rest of your life! Unless you import a UK or Japanese PS3, you'll be locked out from the rest of the world! PSN accounts don't factor in for this restriction, so no use making a different-region account! It won't get you nowhere.

The same goes for both Europe and Japan. Supposedly, this initiative was made to optimize advertisements, since that's the whole reason Home is coming to be. Sony wants gamers (or citizens) of the same region to experience and see the same advertisements. Besides, it makes little business sense to show ads related to UK to US gamers! Optimization is the key word here.

Sony must've missed the whole point of its new social network place! I mean, wasn't the whole idea of Home to allow "friends" meet each other in this virtual world? Well, what if I or you had an oversea friend? What if all friends are actually in a different region?! I hope they change this soon, or it will spill disaster!

EA made a publishing deal with Grasshopper Manufacture (No More Heroes developer). The new franchise is to be produced by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil creator) and directed by Goichi Suda.

The mysterious franchise is to be developed for the PS3, X360, Wii and PC.

A new project was revealed some time ago. City Space is a new project displaying a very impressive render of a 3D virtual world by LivePlace.com.

What's known about this is the WHOIS lists the domain owner as Brad Greenspan, who's one of the MySpace co-founders. This project is running on OTOY, the 3D engine that renders graphics in the cloud. The technology allows relatively weak computers (or even mobile phones) to display incredibly detailed graphics comparable to those seen in Hollywood movies or high-definition games.

The project really has astounding incredibly detailed graphics (I think they even kick PS3 graphics). Also, since the project is using the OTOY engine, all rendering occurs server side, which allows virtually anyone with a working PC to participate. What's amazing about this, is the fact it runs directly from the browser! No plugins to download, no clients to install, no nothing! Which makes this pretty much a fairly tale! But I'm hoping the project pulls through.

My thoughts are that this project (I call it project since I don't know what it is yet!) is the next step in social networking (Hence the title of the post). I think if you connect the dots, you'll find that this is the next MySpace project. Considering that the domain, LivePlace.com, is owned by a co-founder of MySpace's, and it requires no installation (which almost crosses it out as a game), it's the next MySpace SecondLife-style!

Attention everyone! The new promotional Lara Croft is here! Alison Carroll isn't just pretty and sexy, but also used to be a gymnast! Which means, Alison Carroll, got the "curves" to do Lara's rather impossible gymnastic moves. Alison Carroll may not look a lot like Lara Croft, but Lara Croft keeps changing between games that it's hard to keep track of her "real" looks. So I guess it's fair to say that she's pretty and hot in her own regard! Also, she'd make a pretty good Lara!

"This is a fantastic opportuntiy and I am really looking forward to embracing Lara's world. I still can't believe they chose me to take on the role of Lara - and I can't wait to get stuck in. This is my dream job. I have always wanted to be an action hero and hope to be able to use my gumnastic ability to perform all of Lara's stunts."

Here's Alison's BBC interview:

The new Lara Croft game, Tomb Raider: Underworld is due this November for the PlayStation 3.

*For the '08 E3 preview clip, follow this link.

Pain Gets Trophies

Apparently, Pain is going to get its own share of trophies breakout. I haven't tried this game myself (I have to conserve for better games) but a lot of people are bored with this game. If you, however, are not in that group, then a trophies patch is all you need!

Alongside the new pack, "Amusement Park" DLC pack, there's plenty of awards to unlock. It doesn't seem like the trophy patch is dependent upon the "Amusement Park" DLC pack, so rest assured.

After the break you'll find a full list of Trophies, which run the gamut from seemingly impossible to embarrassingly crude. Which, as Pain producer Travis Williams points out, is completely appropriate for the game.


Gold Trophies
  • Affliction Addiction: Get one billion points (Good Luck)
Silver Trophies
  • Dude Abides: Use "The Dude" to score 50 Strikes in Bowling
Bronze Trophies
  • 10 Mill Club: Get "PAIN in the Park" and "D-Town Destruction"
  • Harder Dick's Balls: Get all of Dick's Balls in the Block Party Dumpster without resetting (Heh heh heh) I really need adult supervision.
  • D-Town Destruction: Get 10,000,000 score in PAINdemonium and Aftermath
  • Combo Mambo: Get 20x Combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition
  • Attention Spam: Get every type of PAIN (Groin, Head, Arm, Hand, Leg, Foot and Body) combo in PAINdemonium, Aftermath, Block Party and Demolition
PAIN Add-on Character Trophies
  • Trill: Get PAINful Tosser Trophy with Scurv Dogg or Hung Lo
  • Grenade-A-Maid: Get Exploded 500 times with any female launchable character.
The patch is out on September 4th. I welcome any comments about this game (I always welcome your comments, so don't feel shy about it ;) )

Some new pictures of this interesting fighting game came across while I was surfing, so I thought I'd share :)

The game has a new characters announced, Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness from FFIII. Onion Knight can transform to other jobs like Ninja and Sage (as in the above two pictures) in the game.

(In case you're wondering who the hell this naked woman is, she's Cloud of Darkness from FFIII)

The third image from the left is Onion Knight as a Ninja.

Now this should show Onion Knight in both jobs.

(Translation: Left: 'Cause you're a brat. Romaji: Omae ha gaki dakara na.
Right: Not sure... I don't know any "iccho"?! But it's about fighitng.
Of course, that's my own translation. This isn't official or from a professional translator, just by your good ol' me :) )

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is confirmed to come December '08 in Japan.

Too Human In August

In a recent interview with Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack on Kikizo, he discussed his upcoming Action/RPG hybrid Too Human. He expressed his concerns with lengthy games before and as a consequence Silicon's Too Human will span only about 15 hours. I don't know.. For a RPG game, 15 hours seems awfully short!

Dyack, however, suggested that side-play (reaching level 50 and finding epic loot) will take as long as 80 hours. Dyack doubts anyone could unlock everything in the game! But knowing us -gamers- nothing's too hard!

The Too Human trilogy has 3 different themes. The theme of the first game is discovery, the theme of the second game is revenge, and the third game, enlightenment. The trilogy as a whole focuses on the Norse mythology and effects on technology.

When you play the game you can just continue to level up - in the first Too Human you can go up to level fifty and there's all kinds of epic loot, rare items, rare drops, and we've got a system in where if you play an entire level from beginning to end, your chance of getting an epic drop is very high. You can see here some co-operative play now, and there are some Achievements based on that as well. Co-op offers replay value but it's not the only way to play; some people will jump straight into co-op, but I'm particularly drawn to content in video games, so I want see all the content and story. Too Human has almost a feature film just in cinema and story.

~Quote from the interview

I don't how they plan on incorporating co-op play in a RPG! But it should be interesting enough since Dyack said that this game is their best so far!

The game is developed for the X360 and no idea about a PS3 version yet. Too Human will be released in North America on August 19th, and in Europe August 29th.

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