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TGS '08: Level 5

Level 5 has come to this year's TGS with some good announcements. Starting off, we have 2 PSP games due release sometime in 2009. The first is a PSP RPG horror game with the unusually strange name, Ushiro. Ushiro, which means in Japanese "behind/butt", is a horror RPG game where a shinigami clings on behind (hence the name) people that have exhausted their lives to experience their lives. As a shinigami you observe, possess, and fulfil the wishes of the person you're attached to. Seems kind of a new idea is being developed here. Here's TGS Debut trailer:

The game sure is interesting! I would love to see more of it soon.

As for the second PSP game, Danboru Senki, in which the player takes the role of a small combat robot called LBX, in environments made out of cardboard. The game is due for release in 2009 in Japan.

Also, Level 5 has confirmed 2 DS RPGs in development.

The PS3 exclusive White Knight Chronicles, yet another Level 5 RPG, was announced to feature online content. Think of the online content as some kind of mini-MMORPG. Early in the game, you will be prompted to create an avatar, which is a custom character, to play with. This character won't come into the picture until later in the story. With this character, you'll be able to engage in online play with other players via the Play Station Network.

Level 5, in an effort for balance, has made some restrictions to the kind of quests and items you can get online. It appears that you won't be able to get any item/weapon/armor/accessory/etc... that's above your level. Meaning, you wouldn't be able to overpower yourself early in the game. The same applies to quests, wherein you unlock new ones as you progress. To the right a picture of the online gameplay that wll be present in White Knight Chronicles.

It seems that at any given time, no more than 16 players can gather in town centers and no more than 4 can party up and go questing. Seems a little low on numbers, but for a game that just announced recently its online component, I'd say that's impressive. (Most online FPS' have the same or near that number of players in a single room, so it's understandable). Another picture of two players fighting what appears to be over-grown wisp. As you can see, the online gameplay will be rewarding in so many ways. You can, as well, trade items and stuff with other online gamers.

The story mode, as stated by Level 5's developers, is very long and has a lot of content. Over 100+ hours of gameplay. That's very long for an RPG! But also very suitable, too.

The game will run at full HD resolution : 1080p. So cheer up, full HD screen owners!


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