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A Store For "Game Creators" ?

On June 27th, the Game Creators announced the launching of the Game Creator Store. Currently, there are more than 1,000 assets available, ranging from models of weapons and objects to vehicles and characters. Game Creators will add more content in the future, including music and sound effects, with additional format support coming as

"Game Creator Store is another significant step in our campaign to democratize game development,"
says Richard Vanner, Financial Director with The Game Creators.
"With the games industry increasingly polarising on a few big players, it's good to broaden it out with new talent but game making isn't as easy as many people think. Independent game developers have the need to create 3D models but they're not artists so they don't always have the ability or contacts. Most current catalogues are designed more for artists than developers and their assets have a high polygon count that doesn't support quick gaming. Game Creator Store fills the gap with objects that are better priced than existing offerings and come game ready."
So now independent game developers can be at ease with Game Creators supporting them!

PS: I'm a programmer and I had thought about making games from scratch, but no support and I don't have the discipline required for such a feat! So I understand independent game developers pains!


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