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Another Nintendo Lawsuit !

McKool Smith, PC today announced that a federal court has upheld a $21 million patent infringement verdict in favor of Anascape against Nintendo of America. Judge Ron Clark of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas denied Nintendo's motion for a reduced verdict, ruling that the jury's award is supported by the evidence.

The jury had found that various Nintendo controllers, such as the GameCube controller, Wavebird and Wii Remote, infringed Anascape's patents.

"We appreciate the Court's thoughtful consideration in upholding the jury's decision,"
says Doug Cawley, principal at McKool Smith and lead counsel for Anascape.
"Although not a giant corporation like Nintendo, Anascape has every right to protect its technology."
Everyone seems to be on Nintendo's neck these days :( I hope they don't get anymore lawsuits.


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