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Epic Games' lead designer Cliff Bleszinski has taken a shot at the current blockbuster PS3 title from Konami, Metal Gear Solid 4. When asked about dealing with the pressure of creating a follow-up to a multi-million selling title like Gears, Bleszinski responded,

"To be honest, it's fun because in it's own unique way, there's no pressure. We completely ignore it and follow our hearts."

He continued,

"We wanted a blockbuster pace, and in doing so, we lost the story a bit. So that's one of the lessons we learned. This time round there's more repetition. Games aren't movies and aren't consumed in a single sitting. So secondary characters will remind you about stuff, which is re-established in plot cues. Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we're not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out – you need to hook up with this web 2.0 stuff."

Hmm, someone is being ignorant! MGS is a blockbuster AND a system-seller! Gears of War is big, but not as giant as MGS is! I know I shouldn't attack someone just because they think differently, but Come on! He had it coming!

On another front, I think coming up with new ideas and trying to innovate is always great.



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