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Sony's PS3 Losses

In the company's fiscal 2008 annual report, Sony revealed that they've now lost roughly $3.3 billion on the PS3 since its launch.

Why? Pricing the console below its production cost. The $599 the PS3 had originally back when it first launched was significantly cheaper than the cost of producing it in the first place, and while the retail price has come down some, the losses keep piling up.

"the large-scale investment required during the development and introductory period of a new gaming platform may not be fully recovered."

Although the PS3 business has yet to record a profit for Sony, the company did sell 9.24 million units of the console in the last fiscal year. For the current fiscal year (ending March 2009), the company is projecting sales of another 10 million units.

Sony's game division saw a 26% sales spike last quarter, a trend they expect will continue on the strength of strong exclusives like the recently released Metal Gear Solid 4 and the upcoming sequel Resistance 2.

All hopes for the PS3! The PS3 really deserves credit! I mean, it outweighs the X360 easily! I'm not much of a tech freak, so I don't the "insides" of both of the consoles, but I do know this, PS3 has Blu-Ray which in turn allow for much more content than the X360!

Full report here.


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