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Fable 2 Dialogue

According to CVG, they have received a few facts and figures about Peter Molyneux's Fable II.

The speech of the game has been recorded at the London-based firm Side. It's latest newsletter reveals that Side cast over 45 actors (aged from 8 to 80) to play almost 200 speaking characters.

"Four of Side's voice directors ensured that all performances harmonized perfectly with Fable II's idiosyncratic world and captured the complexities of its inhabitants. The voice recording ran concurrently in two studios for over three months, amounting to nearly 370,000 words recorded - that's 38 hours of dialogue."

There's even a quote from Peter Molyneux himself: "The sheer amount of dialogue in Fable 2 meant this was a massive project. Side rose to this challenge in a professional and efficient way. They have done a great job for us".

I guess that goes to show how committed this game really is! I would have loved to play this game, but since it's on the XBox360 I guess there's no helping it!


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