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Some new pictures of this interesting fighting game came across while I was surfing, so I thought I'd share :)

The game has a new characters announced, Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness from FFIII. Onion Knight can transform to other jobs like Ninja and Sage (as in the above two pictures) in the game.

(In case you're wondering who the hell this naked woman is, she's Cloud of Darkness from FFIII)

The third image from the left is Onion Knight as a Ninja.

Now this should show Onion Knight in both jobs.

(Translation: Left: 'Cause you're a brat. Romaji: Omae ha gaki dakara na.
Right: Not sure... I don't know any "iccho"?! But it's about fighitng.
Of course, that's my own translation. This isn't official or from a professional translator, just by your good ol' me :) )

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is confirmed to come December '08 in Japan.


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