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Too Human In August

In a recent interview with Silicon Knights' Denis Dyack on Kikizo, he discussed his upcoming Action/RPG hybrid Too Human. He expressed his concerns with lengthy games before and as a consequence Silicon's Too Human will span only about 15 hours. I don't know.. For a RPG game, 15 hours seems awfully short!

Dyack, however, suggested that side-play (reaching level 50 and finding epic loot) will take as long as 80 hours. Dyack doubts anyone could unlock everything in the game! But knowing us -gamers- nothing's too hard!

The Too Human trilogy has 3 different themes. The theme of the first game is discovery, the theme of the second game is revenge, and the third game, enlightenment. The trilogy as a whole focuses on the Norse mythology and effects on technology.

When you play the game you can just continue to level up - in the first Too Human you can go up to level fifty and there's all kinds of epic loot, rare items, rare drops, and we've got a system in where if you play an entire level from beginning to end, your chance of getting an epic drop is very high. You can see here some co-operative play now, and there are some Achievements based on that as well. Co-op offers replay value but it's not the only way to play; some people will jump straight into co-op, but I'm particularly drawn to content in video games, so I want see all the content and story. Too Human has almost a feature film just in cinema and story.

~Quote from the interview

I don't how they plan on incorporating co-op play in a RPG! But it should be interesting enough since Dyack said that this game is their best so far!

The game is developed for the X360 and no idea about a PS3 version yet. Too Human will be released in North America on August 19th, and in Europe August 29th.


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