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New Promising Technology!

Cinema 2.0, is the name of the new effort by AMD to bring photo-realistic graphics that match those found in real life Hollywood movies!

What might not come as a surprise is the need of new hardware, but that's not it! A trick is involved, (quote from the site I read the news at)

There's another trick: a globe-shaped room that feature rapid high-definition photography from all angles. These cameras can capture surface detail to a level that surpasses human touch. These cameras operate so quickly that to the naked eye, they appear as solid lights, when in fact they are flashing on and off at fractions of a second. The information captured by these cameras can then be interpreted into 3D data.
I guess some pictures are in order? Well, here you are:

Yeah, the 2 women in the pictures are actually 3d CG real-time-rendered renders of AMD's Cinema 2.0! I couldn't believe it at first, but yeah it seems playing with real-life looking models is coming to a near future. AMD suggested some sci-fi applications for its new technology, such as Star Trek's Holodeck! But we'll have to wait and see...

To read the whole post, follow this link (I recommend you read the post!)


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