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MGS Movie Needs Our Help !

"In a posting on his IMDB page, Hayter urged the fans to email Matt Tolmach at Sony Pictures and convince him that they want Hayter to write the screenplay. This may be our only chance to make sure the Metal Gear Solid movie has any chance of actually being good. The email address is matt_tolmach@spe.sony.com"
Please everyone, email this dude if you value MGS! I know I will right after I finish posting this. Considering David Hayter is the screenplay writer for X-men movies (the first and the second and not the third, in case you're wondering why it sucked), I'd say our shots of getting a decent MGS movie is here, at our own grasp just waiting for our love to radiate through the darkness in order to bring the MGS luster unto this miserable world and... Umm, I might've gotten a little carried away back there but can you blame me?

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