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Dragon Nest MMO Announced

I just found out about this new MMOARPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role Playing Game) that's called Dragon Nest. Of course I'm assuming it's MMORPG, but I could be wrong.

The development team based in Korea called Eyedentity has revealed its existence and announced their first fantasy MMO. The dev team consists of former members of NCsoft, Webzen, Gravity and other Korean based publishers and are creating Dragon Nest using their own graphics engine.

The press release announcing the game suggests it will have some Diablo elements such as random generating dungeons and random spawning monsters. Dragon Nest is due to be beta tested in Korea in late 2008 with a worldwide release (including North America) in 2009.

The footage above suggests that this MMO will be action. At first glance, it resembled a cross between Dawn of Mana / Zelda. The graphics aren't that well done, but they're cartoonish which makes it acceptable.

I'm sure interested and will be following the news on this one. Could it be that we're gazing upon the new era of MMORPGs ?! Only time and developers will tell :)


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