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Chrono's Journey To The DS

All our dreams may actually come true! Errm, maybe not all of them... Have you ever wished upon a shooting star for a remake (or port is more accurate) for the ever popular Chrono Trigger? Well, that wasn't a shooting star 'cause certainly your wish is coming true, probably!

A new page on Square Enix's Japanese website suggests that the company is planning to port its highly popular SNES (and later PS) RPG Chrono Trigger to the Nintendo DS. Director Takashi Tokita had previously suggested a DS remake of the game was feasible, assuming

"demand is great enough." -I'd say, pfft-
A winter 2008 release was suggested for the Japanese edition, though not so much for other editons.


Even though there was no confirmation at this point, there pretty much will be. Don't forget the overseas huge database of fans!

I gotta say this game was very special to me (isn't it for all of us ;) ), so another "remake" would do nothing less than make me happy. But, C'mon! DS ?! What about the PSP? I know you get the original PS version and play it, but that's nothing like remaking it for a specific console.


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