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Dissidia's Second Trailer!

This is the second trailer from Square Enix's fighting game, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The trailer shows the newly revealed character, Tidus from FFX, in action along some old mentioned ones. I gotta say, the fighting in this game seems kind of good! I actually have high expectations of it. What struck me most is they've finally given voice to characters from older Final Fantasies (earlier than FFX), now we get to hear Zidane, Squall (although he was voiced before in Kingdom Hearts I & II), Edea and even Kuja!

The battle scene where Squall is the one fighting Sephiroth, not Cloud, is actually quite interesting! It actually could put a little relief on the whole "Who's stronger? Cloud or Squall" debate! But not entirely, though.

PS: In one scene, Squall says something to the hero in FFII. I guess it was "We're fighting to protect the crystal/s".


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