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New MMO Announced

NCSoft has shed a light on a new MMO in development. The new Korean mythology martial arts MMO, Blade and Soul, is built on the Unreal Engine 3 and is currently set for release only in Korea.

One thing interesting about this game is its unique gameplay mechanism! I don't know if this game is a MMORPG or just a MMO in the likes of Rakion. Also, the visual style is astonishing!

Let's all hope this simply amazing title reaches the shores of the international bay!

If this game was anything like the video makes it out to be, I can point out a fun game! But I still have my doubts about this. I mean, this can't be really all real time combat! There are factors to consider, one of which the average internet connection speeds!

Also, do you just mash the buttons? Or actually string together somekind of combos? And is there any capability to block or dodge?
I gotta say, I wasn't one of NCSoft rooters, but if this game delivers what it promises, I'll sure become one!


PS: Check out the video of this awesome game in the source link above! This is a video you don't wanna miss! Believe me on this one!


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