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In the recent "DK Sigma 3173" event in Tokyo, Square Enix showed off trailers for its trio of Final Fantasy XIII games, FFXIII, FF Versus XIII and FF Agito XIII.

Final Fantasy XIII:
New scenes of the blond tall guy (Mr.33cm) and the reddish haired girl were shown along side the previously shown footage from previous trailers.

"One scene in the trailer showed the three characters walking together in an icy area, at which point they suddenly found themselves surrounded by soldiers with guns. As the three members braced themselves for battle, Lightning actually showed some signs of anger on her face, which is probably the first time that she's revealed any emotion in the trailers."

"In another scene, we saw the reddish-brown-haired girl being escorted by soldiers who carried a cybernetic-looking object in front of her that looked a bit like a white coffin. The girl was wearing a white robe with her hands attached together, rather than the usual savannah-like outfit from previous trailers. As she walked toward a battle plane together with the soldiers, a blond-haired lady in a military outfit came out of the plane and walked toward her. We're assuming that she's some sort of commander or general working for the Cocoon's holy government."

These quotes are from gamespot, there you can find the rest of the trailer walkthrough as seen by their eyes.


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