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Final Fantasy Rampage!

Thought I was dead, no? Well, I might've been. I had some problems that I had to deal with, still am. Well, who cares about my personal life when Square Enix releases new info about Final Fantasy?!

Recently (actually today) Square Enix announced some great news about its hit series. The "DK Sigma 3713" event held by Square Enix let attendees playe the latest demos and see the newest trailers from Square Enix.

A demo of Final Fantasy XIII is said to be bundled with the Blu-ray version of CG movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children Complete in March '09. The demo disc will also include new high-quality trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which remains a PlayStation 3 exclusive, and Final Fantasy Agito XIII (a mobile game).

Also, two games that were previously announced as mobile games are now coming the PSP! Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Final Fantasy XIII is confirmed, yet again, that it will receive a world-wide release date somewhere in '09!

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is set for release this December in Japan on the PSP.


I don't agree with Square Enix's plan to release Final Fantasy XIII to the Xbox360! I do, however, understand their motives. Sony PS3 is a marvelous system that is yet to prove its worthiness! But it's not failing in the console war in any way, yet! The recently release bombshell (MGS4) has surely made some damage to the Xbox360!

I was hoping that Square Enix would be the next big bombshell! But, I guess they thought otherwise. But you can't really expect something else from the company that jumped ship early when the Nintendo was hot!


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