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In a recent episode of Bonus Round, Gametrailers.com had a little chat with 3 important people. Well, they're not that important, but they're important enough when it comes to gaming world.

The interview made by Geoff Keighley, featured the appearance of N’Gai Croal (General editor of Technology newsweek) , David Hayter (Do I even need to say who he is? ) and Rob Smith (Editor in chief of PlayStation Magazine and the lucky guy that got to play through MGS4 start-to-finish twice!).

In this episode, they discuss some of MGS overall aspects and chat about some golden moments the games had. I specially made this topic in honor of David Hayter, he is one great actor! Between doing some films, including X-men and the MGS games, he really is one hell of an actor :)

Apparently there is another part coming soon, but I don't know when actually. So, keep tuned either here or at Gametrailers.com.


thanks for the links, love mgs and everything releated to it.

nice job dude :D

June 10, 2008 at 7:10 PM  

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