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Console MMORPGs?

In a recent interview with Kotaku.com, Turbine confirmed making console MMORPGs. Here's a small part of the news:

When we heard this morning that Turbine was planning to put part of its $40 million Time Warner-led investment to work doing console MMOs, we wondered if a console version of Dungeons & Dragons Online or Lord of the Rings Online could be in the works.

Alas, when we spoke to Turbine's communications director Adam Mersky today, he confirmed Turbine is "actively developing a title for console," but declined to specify.

"We've hired over 60 people since the beginning of the year," said Mersky, and 40 more job postings for the project are currently waiting to be filled. "The people that invested in us, Time Warner... one of the media giants, getting into the MMO fold, and that's obviously a big deal," he said. "They also have a huge distribution network... that may bear fruit for us."

The full story is here, Kotaku.com.

Now, console MMORPGs? What took them so long to think of this? I can only imagine. But to be fairly accurate, I think there is a console MMORPG out there. Yeah, FFXI!

But let's think about this for a second. If they were to make console MMORPGs, would they still have the same current formula? I mean everything from quests to the hideous point and click system! How would they even implement point and click in a console?

Let's hope that those next gen MMORPGs are the thing we need in the MMORPG world!


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