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Square Enix Goes Horror?

I just found out recently that Square Enix is going to make a horror adventure game! It's story goes around a 20 year old university student, one day he and his friends received notes of "The game of curse", which said you are cursed, and you must pass the note to other people or you will die within 1 week. You and your friends laughed at the notes, but after that everything suddenly changed around you, your friends died one by one in horrible incidents, and it will soon be your turn, you must find a way to escape death.

The game seems to be released July 3, 2008 in Japan. I hate to break it to you folks, but this game is to be released for the Nintendo DS! Yeah, a great shocker for me as well. I mean when Square Enix finally decides to dive into the horror/adventure genre, they had to bring their little experiment to the NDS! I don't have any grudges against the DS, only is that I don't own one and don't plan on doing so neither.

PS: the game is titled "Nanashi no Geemu" which I think translates to "The Curse Game". I know some Japanese :P


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