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I have finally played GTA IV tonight at my friend's. I played the X360 version, which was pretty cool for the X360 I might say. The game has really improved over the last installment! The graphics have been enhanced among other things.

I didn't get to see the storyline though, which's sad. But what I have seen is quite enough. What grabbed my "WOW's" so much was the physics engine! I don't know what engine they used but it was pretty cool. It simulates realistic object interaction! If you shot a guy in the knee, he would crumble to the ground face-first beginning with his shot knee! If you pushed a guy down the stairs, he might trip and fall over! I mean these reactions are pretty much beautiful.

The graphic detail was also breath-taking, not in the beauty-wise sense, but rather in the actual details. For example, the detail on the tires of the cars!

I can't possibly just set here and explain everything in detail, so if you haven't already bought the game, please do! This game is to die for!


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