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Mabinogi Online

I have accidentally came across this MMORPG that promised "interactive gaming". As I read more about the game It became more appealling to me, so I did the only logical thing and downloaded the client and registered with the website nexon.com. I have a 128k internet connection speed so I had to wait for over 2 days to finally download the client as it was about 850 MB of size. That was tiresome let alone troublesome! And finally I opened the game to login but a strange message appeared...

"Not a service area"
That's the message I got! As I looked more into the matter, I found out via the forums that this message meant that the game isn't available to other countries beside US and Canada! I mean, C'mon! I didn't even get a heads up from the site ( maybe in their user agreement or something but no one reads that stuff, anyway). So I did the only logical thing and sent a message to the game staff requesting them to explain themselves. When I get the reply I'll post the update here.


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