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Remember the post I made regarding AMD's new technology at rendering photo-realistic imagery? Well, apparently, I was wrong! The new technology is a new modeling technology that captures even the tiniest bits of information and then be able to recreate them. A video was apparently made to demonstrate the power of Image Metrics' new technology.

Image Metrics is the team that created the animation in GTA game.

The woman in the video (and the pictures from my previous post) is named Emily. She's completely computer generated! I double dare you to tell she's not real from the first look, or second even!

I don't wanna get into details, so if you want to, you could read the original post here.

Can you imagine what this technology would do in the movie business? Oh, let's not forget about games! Now, we could have real life looking characters! But would that happen this generation? Or in the next generation when the PS4 is out?

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