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Nanashi No Game First Trailer

I think this is the first trailer for Square Enix's DS horror game, but I might be wrong. Anyhow, I was holding very high expectations for this game, but it had to turn me down! Yeah, I never thought it would be in old school RPG style! Yeah, like FF1, FF2 and the likes! Man, is the DS that lame? Anyways, if you're interested in this game or just wanna see for yourself then by all means go to this link:

Trailer : Standard Version

I'm really disappointed in this game :(

Update: I think I've misunderstood the trailer. When I watched the trailer till the end, it had real impressive graphics and optimization for the DS stylus. If the game is anything like the last couple of scenes, then I think DS users may be in for a treat! Keep posted.


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