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Possible MMOs For PSP

Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley has revealed to MTV Multiplayer that the company is considering massively multiplayer online games for the PSP.

John Smedley told Tracy John of MTV Multiplayer in an interview at the New York Games Conference on Friday:

I think PSP is something that we’re definitely looking at; 34 million [sold] worldwide really opens your eyes, and they’re all connected

Hear that everyone? Does that mean there will actually be a use for our beloved-stashed-away PSPs? I gotta say, MMOs on PSPs... It's about time! how did they come up with that?! You gotta love their sense of accomplishment, everyone!

Continue reading what Tracy John has to say about this in this link.

PS: I'm sorry I've been away for quite sometime now, but I was quite busy with my game programming learning! I gotta say, it's quite tough to program games, specially when most books give faulty codes!


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