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Blu-ray Killers?

In a recent frightening news, Pioneer develops a monstrous 16-layer Blu-ray disc! It's capacity? A whooping 400GB worth of data!!!

This little baby could hold about eight copies of MGS4! Or 187 copies of FF VII!

The new discs require a special "wide-range spherical aberration compensator and light-receiving element" to detect the weaker laser signal. So much for a PS3 plan, right?

However, the next generation of game consoles could support this new disc system, which is fully backward-compatible with existing Blu-ray discs.

Hmm, 400GB worth of data in a single game? That seems a little far-fetched to me. What would they stuff in the damn baby (actually monster, but who's keeping track? ).

If, and only if, there was a use for this disc in the gaming world (cuz hell if I buy a single lousy movie for $300-400 that's about only 8 GB! ), all games would be like MGS4! A lot more talking a nd lot less acting!

But no one needs to fret now! Nobody said anything about mass-producing these HDD-killers! So for now, the world is safe from them :)



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